Creating play and teaching space from thin air.

This local primary school, originally an award winning Allies & Morrison designed building, is located on a very tight site with very limited playspace. 

We were initially asked to assist with the resurfacing of the area. We undertook a more holistic review of the space to see how the areas around the building could be better utilised.

We sought to make different zones - active (running around and sports areas), passive (sitting, chatting etc), and also thinking of activity somewhere in between. We sought to make the playground also an extension of the classroom, with flexible informal teaching spaces.

We struck upon the idea to make a feature multi-storey play and teaching structure - an object to play around, to play under and to play within. 

The teaching staff love to use the two aerial teaching spaces as a story telling house, and for art and science lessons.

We created a row of 'beach huts' to provide much needed playground and PE storage.